Staff Co Ordinator - 20Hrs PW Silverstone

Silverstone Circuits Ltd, NN12 8TN

Position Details

  • Status:
  • Title:
    Staff Co Ordinator - 20Hrs PW Silverstone
  • Location:
    Silverstone Circuits Ltd, NN12 8TN
  • Posting Date:
  • Title:
    Staff Co Ordinator - 20Hrs PW Silverstone
  • Contract:
  • Pay Frequency:
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  • Probation Period:
    6 Months
  • Reports To:
    Venue Presentation Manager

Postition Description


Key Responsibilities



Under the direction of the Venue Manager the staff Co- coordinator will be responsible for the following:


·         Administration of the Cleanevent Venue Management System (SAP/HF) including rostering of Day to day and Event cleaning staff, managing timesheet authorization, Raising Sales orders/PO’s in line with company policy, dealing with all staff queries.

·         On-line ordering of supplies

·         Liaising with the Venue Manager

·         Dealing with the recruitment for Day to Day and casual staff members

·         Data Entry and updating the (DCR) Document Control Register for our ISO 9001 accreditation

·         Organize the induction and SWMS training process.


Venue Operations

·         Arrange display of all white board and any relevant information to assist management and staff. ToolBox information/updated policies

·         Attend all team briefings and keep meeting notes on key issues

·         Ensure Event and Day to Day Supervisors and Venue Managers are aware of any staff that fail to show for a shift, including updating Human Force

·         Ensure roster in HF is continually updated in liaison with Venue Manager

·         Ensure all staff are able and registered to use HF

·         Ensure all paperwork relating to hiring or venue inducting staff has been completed and passed to the Payroll Department

·         Distribute emails as required



Event Planning Phase

Under the direction of the Event Manager responsible for providing general administrative and operational support with particular responsibility for the following tasks:


·         Liaison with the Event/Venue Managers to staffing levels required

·         Ensure appropriate number of Event Administrators/Helpdesks are employed for the Event if applicable

·         Roster shifts and confirm staff accordingly




Experience & Qualifications

·         Proven experience in administrative support, ideally in the event/venue industry, or similar service related industry, in a client/contractor relationship.

·         Experience and proven ability in the use of –

o   Microsoft Word

o   Excel

·         Proven ability to deliver quality customer service both in-house and to clients

·         Proven ability to work to tight timetables and resolve issues in a dynamic event environment


Essential Personal Qualities

·         Possess a positive attitude and be consistently reliable and conscientious

·         Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a team environment

·         Excellent presentation

§  Well developed written and verbal communication skills. In order to satisfy the above, must be able to read, speak and understand English

·         Attention to detail

·         Ability to prioritize and effectively manage multiple activities

·         Ability to think and work under pressure in a dynamic event environment

·         Preparedness to work flexible hours including weekends, public holidays and evenings

·         Willingness to participate in IT training


This job description is a guide to the work you will be initially required to undertake.  It may be changed from time to time to meet changing circumstances.  It does not form part of your contract of employment and as your experience grows you will be expected to broaden your tasks, suggest improvements, solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of the role.



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