Facilities Assistant

Coalville Hospital, LE67 4DE

Position Details

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  • Title:
    Facilities Assistant
  • Location:
    Coalville Hospital, LE67 4DE
  • Posting Date:
  • Title:
    Facilities Assistant
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  • Probation Period:
    6 Months
  • Reports To:
    Venue Presentation Manager

Postition Description


Facilities Assistant

Reports To:

Facilities Supervisor


CleanEvent Services Ltd - Operations


Coalville Community Hospital (LE67 4DE)


Role Description


Reporting to the facilities supervisor, the role of Catering / Domestic catering duties include preparation and regeneration of patient meals at ward level on a daily basis it is multi-skilled involving cleaning duties within designated patient / non-patient areas within the Trust. Be competent to use after training industrial catering and cleaning equipment within designated areas in accordance with training and Health and Safety Act 1974.To have a good knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the service prior to and following training, Maintaining the necessary skills and undertaking the relevant training to fulfil your role and your personal development. Complete and update Trust Mandatory Training - Waste Handling, Infection Prevention Control, Moving and Handling, NVQ – support services/cleaning Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Level 2 in Food Safety, Competent after training, for the provision of patient meal services at Ward Level.


Key Responsibilities




Catering Duties:


Ø  Preparing meal for and regeneration of patient meals at ward level adhering to Trust Food Safety Management policies and procedures at all times

Ø  Recording meal temperatures prior to and post service delivery

Ø  Ward fridge temperature monitoring and recording to required frequencies

Ø  Replenishment and cleaning of ward beverage trolley

Ø  Responsibility for the ward kitchen/regeneration area ensuring high standards of cleanliness are maintained adhering to Trust policies and procedures

Ø  Monitoring and recording of water temperatures within ward areas


This position is a multi-skilled post and the following cleaning duties will also be also required:


Domestic Services:


Ø  To carry out cleaning tasks, both specific and generic, to prescribed work

       schedules for designated areas, in line with Trust policies and procedures.

Ø  To adhere to Trust Infection Control Prevention and Control of Substances Hazard to Health (COSHH) policies in carrying out cleaning tasks.

Ø  To adhere to the Trust colour coding system to prevent cross infection.

Ø  To use industrial cleaning equipment within designated areas in accordance with training and Health and Safety Act 1974.

Ø  Ensuring the correct and economical use of materials, and cleaning chemicals in line with above relevant policies i.e. COSHH always seeking advice from Supervisor if in any doubt.

Ø  To remove & dispose of cardboard, household and clinical waste following

       adhering to Waste regulations and Trust policies & procedures.

Ø  Ensure all equipment is cleaned after use and stored securely. Ensure all cleaning products are stored securely.

Ø  Receive and distribute supplies around the Hospital

Ø  Receive and supply medical gases to the departments.

Ø  Receive and sort post for the hospital departments

Ø  Report to Supervisor any mechanical defects and any equipment in need of repair and any mishaps or untoward incidents.

Ø  Routine flushing of outlets i.e. run water and recording of data.

Ø  Able to clean and disinfect areas after body fluid spillages in non-clinical areas after training

Ø  Clean machinery after use and store in a safe place

Ø  Carry out any reasonable client cleaning requests

Ø  Communicate all suspicious behavior and potential security risks to your area supervisor as soon as possible

Ø  Safe work practices are followed as per Company Policies.

Ø  Effective communication is maintained with the Supervisor and the client.

Ø  All staff are guest focused and have intimate knowledge of facilities and services.

Ø  Adhere to the site regulations for safety

Ø  Adhere to the Code of conduct at all times

Ø  All dress and behavior codes are followed, understood and adhered to.

Ø  All company policies are followed.

Ø  Reporting on time to all rostered shifts.

Ø  Preparedness to work flexible hours.

Ø  Inform your Supervisor of work availability.

Ø  Fill in daily cleaning check sheets.

Ø  In order to satisfy the above, it is preferable to speak and understand basic communication in English



This job description is a guide to the work you will be initially required to undertake.  It may be changed from time to time to meet changing circumstances.  It does not form part of your contract of employment and as your experience grows you will be expected to broaden your tasks, suggest improvements, solve problems and enhance the effectiveness of the role.



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